lørdag, desember 3

o que se diz dela( cat power) e dele ( o álbum )

*Few solo artists can touch her. Back when I first heard "Moon pix" I started calling her the female Elliot Smith.

[ Hummm, ainda estamos a pensar no assunto, mas hesitamos na concordância ]

* But anyway, this album is a clear departure from her earlier work, both lyrically and musically. There are even glimmers of optimism and happiness on some tracks.

[ o emule recusa-se a colaborar com as nossas aspirações a ouvir integralmente o álbum ]

*Yet, in contrast, the song "Hate" is the type of song that you can't listen to on a night you've drank too much and happen to be near any edges or sharp things.

[ vou seguir a dica, fica como um dos votos para 2006]

*I'm telling you people, 30 years from now, Chan Marshall will be looked back on as an EPIC TALENT in the history of American music.

[ gosto da assertiveness do comentário e digo que sim senhor, concordo e fico contente por estarmos de acordo]

*Didn't love this one at first - the melody is tricky and kind of slips by unnoticed. But I've not been able to stop for the last few days listening and listening.

[ bah, gosta-se à primeiríssima, ó ouvido incréu e infiel ]

*The cover art is like a kind of photoshop-for-beginners aesthetic you'd expect to see on some local-band demo cd not a well known artist on a big label with access to and cash for any of the greatest art, graphic design and photography in the world...

[ não gostei da capa, mas a minha recente fase rosa, que logo-logo passará para descanso ocular de quem me vê diariamente, felinos incluídos, fez-me olhar para ela gulosamente. sim, sou sinestésica, gosto de cores que considero digestivas. ]

*I kind of think the cover is cool. and i like the song. i think theres a cool contrast between the two. its produced kind of lushly. smooth and light and pretty. and then that cover is just slopped together with paint or something. i think its cool.

[ pelo direito ao contraditório, somos um blogue pluralista quando, e apenas quando, me apetece ]

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